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The Placer Amateur Radio Klub Maintains The Following Repeaters:

Output Input Location Call Tone
29.620 29.520 Auburn N6JSL 156.7
146.760 146.160 Roseville N6JSL 136.5
224.320 222.720 Auburn N6JSL 100.0
440.950 445.950 Colfax WB6OHV 192.8

The N6JSL 10 meter repeater is a split site operation.The receiver is located in the SIERRA FOOTHILLS AMATEUR RADIO CLUB repeater vault.This vault houses the K6ARR repeaters operating on 145.43 mhz, 223.86 mhz and 440.575 mhz.The GE MastrII 10 meter receiver has a measured sensitivity of .25uv.The antenna is an Antron 99 vertical near the top of a 66 foot utility pole.The received signal is linked on uhf to the transmit site located approx. 3 miles distant in the Placer County Search and Rescue building. The transmitter consists of a GE MVP exciter driving a GE MastrII 100 watt continuous duty amplifier.The repeater controller is a NHRC-2 as featured in February 1997 "QST" Magazine. The antenna is a 5/8 wave vertical at 40 feet AGL.

PARK Repeaters are sanctioned by NARCC and listed with SHARKK